Selasa, 19 Juni 2012

War Is Choice

let the weapon speak a word
vector illustration of two open hand with gun and sword on side  

you can see at

Kamis, 07 Juni 2012


segawound apparel ask me to make some illustration so i drop my vector eagle artwork (new birth) for them. hawk vector,  raven vector, bird vector and vector skull they join together on my illustration.

you can see detail illustration project on

Senin, 21 Mei 2012

I Hope Never End

I love draw i was spent too many time to get better hour by hour ,day by day.
I work so hard and i don't care if isomeday i was fired from my job,I DON'T CARE
Sometime i feel so tired but i never tired to learning something new.

Yeah below is my work hope you like it.

all image are copright of PLYKID

Kamis, 10 Mei 2012

Plykid Blue Eagle

saatnya burungku yang besar (silahkan asumsikan sendiri hahaha) terbang tinggi hahaha. kerja,kerja dan kerja jangan pemalas yang hanya bisa mengetrace hasil karya orang lain hargai karya orang lain haha.